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About this Blog

The intent of this blog is to share experiences, practices, ideas, thoughts about project management. Contributing to projects being more successful. The Standish reports over the last 10 years show a trivial improvement of about 25% to 30% projects rated ‘successful’. My objective is contribute to the profession by providing guidance based on experience,  communicating PM practices about which I am passionate, evangelizing about things that can be easily done that provide great value – low hanging fruit. My blogs are based on observations from over 30 years as a project manager in over 18 organizations to date, including government, financial services, retail, waste management, and telecom.

What are some of these practices of which I write? Take a look at “Availability is not a skillset”, “Towards an Improved Vendor Written SOW”. My contribution to the professions – propelling the reader to an improved project management experience.

In the course of establishing this blog, I was fortunate enough to be working with Curt Skene as my career coach and career mentor, from which emerged the theme for this blog – “Project Excellence for Challenging Times”. My assignments typically include projects which are time / cost / scope / economically challenged, thus the name.

Glancing now at the content of the blog so far, the blog entries are basic enough that both the seasoned practitioner and the layperson can apply them. Which has led me to the thought this blog is not just for skilled PMs, but for the masses. PM for the masses. Skilled PMs reading the blogs may say I’m preaching to the converted. True, if the reader is a PM who has experience and training. But what about the non-PMs who visit here? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if PM practices became common knowledge, even moreso to people who are project team members and not just the project managers. Then they would know what we are trying to accomplish and the why.

So in that vein, I write. Perhaps not posts warranting publication in esteemed PM journals, but posts that can make a difference in the way government and industry manage their projects.

– Joe Caruso, M.Sc., PMP

email: joe@joecaruso.ca


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